44 Million iPhones… can any of them find your Fitness Studio?

Can your Fitness Studio be found on an iPhone or other Smart Phone?If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or other Smart Phone you probably use the GPS Maps feature to guide you around town. Because all of these phones know exactly where you are, if you search for “Yoga” in the map’s search field you will get Google map results showing businesses offering Yoga near your location.

Have you done a similar search for your format to see if your studio shows up? What did (or didn’t) you find?

I had some extra time while I was in a western suburb of Minneapolis and thought I would try this test and see what I would (or wouldn’t) find….

Here is a screen shot I took with my iPhone while I was parked at a gas station in Rogers, MN. The blue dot shows my location. The red stick pins you see show all the locations that matched my simple search for Yoga.

Find a yoga or pilates studio on a smart phone

Here I have zoomed in on my location. Even though no listings for a Yoga studio showed on the map, I felt that there had to be a Yoga Studio near here based on all the strip malls and retail businesses in the area. So I did a search in Google and found…

a listing for a Yoga Studio less than a half mile from my location on John Milless Dr.

The Missing Yoga Studio

Here they are, the Orion Wellness Center. Completely invisible from anyone looking for a quick Yoga class using their iPhone.

Give it a try for your studio and leave us a comment to let us know what you find.

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